Member.Life App

Download our app for Apple and Android to manage your whole studio. Tell your members so they can view the calendar, make purchase, and track their activity from their device.

Membership Tags

Instantly sign up new members, check-in existing members, and charge members by handing out and scanning their digital or physical membership keytag.

Check Ins

Dead simple check-ins, just scan their keytag. Instantly pulls up all their information. Then check them into the classes they paid for.

Digital Waivers

No more dealing with getting members to sign paper waivers. With our digital waivers you can streamline legal document signing right at registration.

Live Schedule

Show the most up to date class schedule & times on a unified calendar, know when your instructors are free, allow members to book time.

Track Everything

From signups, attendance, sales, and more you can instantly know key information. Gender ratio, revenue, most popular classes, most popular packages, cash/credit ratio, and much more.

Cash Payments

Keep track of all cash taken, manage refunds digitally so you know where your money is at all times.

Store Credit Cards

Accept credit card payments, stored on file so the next time members pay there is no need to ask for their credit card again.

Subscription Charging

Easily create payment plans for members to be charged monthly. Payments are automatically charged to the member's credit card on file.

Online Payments

Finally allow members to purchase online or in app. Get your money right away, no more waiting and managing in person payments.

Branded Receipts

Automatically sends an email receipt complete with your brand and each line item. Never again will members wonder how much they were charged.

Instant Refunds

Immediately issue refunds and painlessly give members money back when needed. Money goes back directly to the credit card they used for the purchase.

Bank Deposits

Money is transferred straight to your bank account after two day. No hidden transfer fees and you can track it all within your studio platform.

Purchase History

Every member can view their past purchases within our app, your branded app, or the web platform. Never again wonder if someone has already paid.

Shopping Cart

Load up a member's shopping cart for multiple purchases at one time. Multiple recurring payments will be combined into one charge for member convenience.

Sales Tax

Charge and keep track of sales tax for specific items and purchases. Never worry about accounting for Sales Tax its all done conveniently for you.

No Contracts

All of our plans are non contractual. We rely solely on our great software to keep you happy, never a contract. We allow your branded platform to speak for us and give you peace of mind.

Premium Upgrade

Unlock all Member.Life platform features for just $100 a month subscription. Premium plans also have a reduced 5% per credit card transaction rate.

Parent/Child Accounts

Allow members to have children accounts under their parrent's account. Any purchases will be applied to the parent's credit card on file and the child can check themselves in plus more.

Private Scheduling

Allow members to book time with your staff by sending them an availability schedule. Members can easily select a time reserved for them. Reminders will be sent out to staff and members.

Website Modules

Always have your website up to date by embedding live platform modules. Include your latest calendar, classes, packages, merchandise. Embed a registration form to sign up members and take payments directly on your website.

Front Desk Kiosk

Set up an iPad at the frontdesk to allow members to pay and check themselves in. Receive a notification if someone needs assistance.

Class Enrollment

Keep track of students and the classes they're in with easy to use roll sheets. Allow staff members to view roll and take attendance.

RSVP Capacity

Set maximum capacities to classes and allow your members to RSVP ahead of time to make sure they reserve their spot, or minimum rsvps to start classes.

Digital Store

Instantly build a digital store to sell merchandise and keep track of member purchases. Post a link to your digital store on facebook, members can pick up purchases next time they visit.


Easily create new discount levels to have available to give to customers. Any dollar amount or percentage specified will be deducted from their total and added as a line item in receipts.

Manage Staff

Allow your staff to clock in and clock out with a scan. Keep track of all your staff members from anywhere in the world. Send money to their bank account all within the Member.Life™ platform.

Email Reminders

Automatically send out email reminders to members to notify them they have unused passes available to use for class today. Proven to increase attendance.

Email Blasts

Easily create a newsletter or an announcement on the Member.Life™ platform to send out to all members, a selection of your members, or just the staff.

Expense Tracking

Keep track of all business expenses right inside your platform. Never wonder again where all your money is going.

Rewards Points

Reward your customers with points for different actions like early bird check ins. Allow them to cash in their points for different items and watch customer engagement go up.

Trainer Platform

Allow your trainers to charge their own clients and get paid directly to their bank account. Manage their clientele and send them emails just like your own members.


Allow members to purchase a gift to your services for a friend or family member. Load the gift onto a keytag so when the gift receiver comes in a scan uses the gift purchase and they're ready to go.

Pro Plan

Boost your brand and member following by upgrading to the pro plan. Get a fully branded mobile app for members to download on iPhone and Android.


Instantly communicate with your staff and members within your Branded App. Keep your members in the loop when things occur.

Push Notifications

Notify your members and staff instantly on their device within your mobile app; purchase receipts, class reminders, new messages, mobile newsletter, scheduled payments, and more.


Automatically remind members, instructors, trainers of their scheduled classes and private sessions. Allow everyone to easily keep track of their upcomming events on your branded mobile app.

Fingerprint Access

Have an elegantly quick front desk check-in experience with fingerprint access for all your customers. Never have long lines or slow downs at the front desk ever again.

Multiple Locations

Manage each of your business locations all under one platform. Compare each location and promote across all of them.

Enjoy a simplified member management experience today.